Center for Live Capital

working on a multi trillion $ capital opportunity for others. #livecapital


$1>trillion in capital brought to life simplifying property registration & transfer policy & procedures internationally


To non-politically capture, share and tell the story of dead capital so that others may realize the potential impact via policy & procedure change. First project is a video and web 2.0 narrative of Asa Branca Favela in Brazil pursuing property rights.


  1. Show the participant actors & problem tell story graphically/video narrative
  2. Model problem & system state graphically, narratively.
  3. Confirm with participants/native actors witnesses
  4. Model desired end system state confirm with participants/native actors witnesses

Learn: Dead Capital videos, text & links (start here?)

Tasks and Goals (so what can I do now to help?)

pick an item on the list above, spend 20 minutes tackling it even if incomplete, post your work.

Participants (this could be You! Apply & Sign up.)

we need systems thinkers, graphic / video / animation story tellers, anthropologists, lawyers, field workers, journalists, NGO's coders,thinkers & dreamers from around the world.